Hair Dye Disaster

So… I’m one of those people who ALWAYS have to change my hair…Case and point here is a snippet of my hair evolution over the years

My real hair freshman year of college after my 1st hair dye catastrophe and ALL of my hair fell out. It was past my bra strap and it fell out to right above my ears. This is 2 years later. After the pain …**sigh and silent tear**

Dont act like you didnt have micros too….

The beginning of the weave revolution…

This is one of my DYI weaves when I couldnt afford to get it done…I thank my good ol’ bottle of glue and a pair or kitchen scissors for this look

This was my 21 bday..hence the glass of wine in my hand. This was after yet ANOTHER hair catastrophe where my hair thinned out because of my weave abuse..I cut it all off again..

Side shot of the same cut…i LOVED my hair then. shout out to my beautician Swana  for getting me off my Hair crack weave…for a little while at least

Back to the weave. Ventured into wet and wavy for a bit…

Back to the wavy..Bohyme this time

Halloween lol ..but I still liked this look

My standard hair look..

Then after more weave abuse I decided to cut it all off and go natural. Thats where I am today.

Now, I got the BRIGHT idea to dye my hair myself. The thing I didnt consider was that a few months earlier I decided to dye my hair jet black and I didnt consider how that would effect my DYI dye job (im a genious, I know)  So got 2 boxes of dark and lovey auburn semi permanent hair dye. I was sooo excited for something new! after all the months of curly and black hair.  As Im applying the dye i notice my roots getting brighter and brighter. It was strange, but it was my first DYI dye job so I didn’t think much of it. 25 out of the 30 min in my roots are still A MILLION shades brighter than my hair and to my horror it seems like the majority of my hair is still black. As I rinse it out and look in the mirror thats EXACTLY what happened. The dye only colored my roots that had grown out, but not my jet black hair….

This is what I’m left with now..

Hott mess. Luckliy my hair dresser knows a color specialist that can fix the mess I made of my hair. Next time I’m going to leave the hair coloring to the professionals

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