Branding…the latest outfit for your company.

Lately I have been working with clients that need a lot or branding work done.  It got me to thinking. What’s in a brand? Why is it so important? We all know the obvious reasons.

Then I started to think of corporate brand in terms of fashion. Its like wearing the latest, hottest outfit that fits your signature style.

I’m sure your like Whitney WTH are you talking about.  Hear me out…

Think about what it means to have the best, hottest, latest outfit or accessory on.  What does that say about a person? It says that

1. Looking good is a priority to them

2. They want others to take notice

3. They want to be different from everyone else with “regular” clothes on

4.  If they are consistently wearing the latest whatever people begin to not only recognize the whatever , but the person and what they are talking about too..

These are the same things you want branding to do for your company, right?

1. Make your company look good

2. Make others notice your company

3. Have others start to recognize your brand

4. Once they see you out in the marketplace, looking professional and polished they will take notice of your product or service, which leads to potential new clients.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that companies no matter the size can’t afford to not build, cultivate and customize their brand by creating a logo, marketing materials, website, marketing to their target audience and listening to their feedback to tweak their brand so their customers get what they want and need and create buzz, referrals and repeat business right?


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