Why Microsoft shoud ONLY make computers

So I know you have all seen the incessant commercials about Microsoft’s new phone the Kin.

You know, the one where the girl finds out about a concert through her social media updates on the phone and tells her friends and jumps in a cab to see the concert… Although I do have to give Microsoft it’s props for attempting to market the phone a “cool, hip” social media phone similar to the iphone,  they need to just quit while they are ahead. They have already pulled the plug on the new phone after 6 weeks because of pricing/ technical short comings of the phone. The stupid thing couldn’t donwload apps, share media via Twitter, schedule events on a calendar or use GPS. I mean WTF is that Microsoft? A word of advice as a you the audience you tried to target in your commercial…STOP IT. You cant market the phone to look similar to the iphone and other smart phones with a bunch of cool features and not have the technology to back it up. I think you should stop trying to steal part of Apple’s market share (another example – the zune vs the ipod) and stick to what you do best, computers.

– An annoyed consumer


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