Working out, a necessary evil

Even though we all hate it (well a least I do) working out is important. It has everything to do with your personal and professional image. I’m not saying you need to be Hollywood skinny (that’s not a good look anyway) ,but being a healthy weight an size helps improve your confidence.  Besides just getting and staying in shape, here are a few other reasons that might motivate you to get to the gym. Working out regularly:

1.  Helps your mood

Working out releases chemicals in the brain which improve your mood and help you to relax. It also helps to combat chronic headaches (well at least for me). If you are having a particularly annoying day hit the gym for an hour and watch how your mood improves by the time you leave.

2. Combats chronic diseases

Working out can improve your chances of not getting diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer etc. No one wants those…

3. Improves sleep

Studies show that working out regularly improves your sleeping habits. Don’t ask me how, that’s what the studies said!

4. Feel good about yourself

If you are anything like me, you hate the act of working out but you enjoy the benefits. Plus, you feel super proud of yourself when you are done!

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy goes hand and hand with working out also. I’m not saying you have to suddenly, drastically alter your diet to only include grilled chicken and veggies, but incorporating some healthier food options and cutting out some of the unhealthy things makes a big difference.  I love to eat and most of it is unhealthy, so what I did was make small healthy changes to my regular meals and that adds up to a big healthy change.


I switched eating whole eggs to egg whites and from bacon to turkey bacon . I still love my cheese though 🙂 I’m working on that one!


Instead of snacking on chips or candy or some other bad-ness I switched to tuna with  low fat miracle whip ( I know a lot of people can’t stand tuna, but you can find a relatively healthy snack that you enjoy)


I switched from frozen lunches with a lot of sodium and preservatives to a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread


Usually, I work out on my lunch hour and for a post workout snack I switched from something sweet like some chocolate to a chocolate protein shake. Its healthy, it tastes good and it gives me my chocolate fix with 20 grams of protein.


I’m going to keep it real y’all dinner is a toss up. I try to eat healthy, but this is usually where I fail. I generally cook healthy things. I don’t eat too much fried food, but if someone puts a burger  in front of my face at 7 o’clock it’s going to get eaten, ya feel me?  *sigh* no one is perfect lol

Check out my next post for my workout routine.


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