Hair experiment sucess!

I FINALLY got some decent results from experimenting with my hair! Y’all dont even understand the past 4 out of 5 experiments have been an epic fail! I did a braid out as opposed to a twist out. I still haven’t mastered the two strand twist technique for my hair.

Here is a before picture of my freshly washed fro. For the products I used see my previous post. I followed my ayurvedic hair regimen.

Please excuse the no makeup lol y’all know I usually stay mac-ed out.

I separated my hair into even sections. Well as even as I could get them . Then I applied a small amount of yes to cucumbers leave in conditioner then braided each section.

I sat under my hooded dryer for about 45 min then took out my braids and finger combed my hair until it looked normal again. And Voila! More manageable, shiny, defined curls.

I know its not a HUGE difference from my before picture, but I did look a lot more shiny and healthy. I am going to try again with different products for more hold and definition and bigger braids for a more wavy look. More pics to come.

**shout out to Heather at Keyhole photography for taking my pic in the pink shirt at the top of this post. More from her to come 🙂

Visit her facebook page


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