Small Business Marketing Tip: Professional Collateral

As I’ve gotten involved in the blogging world the last few weeks I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of bloggers are entrepreneurs/business owners too.  As an entrepreneur myself, I thought how can I help through my area of expertise? Then it came to me (at happy hour, of course lol)  I will give corporate image/marketing tips on how to improve your business.

TIP #1: Have  professional looking collateral

By collateral, I mean anything you send out to a client, prospective client or that is viewed by the public (letters, business cards, brochures, etc).  The documents you send out speak volumes about you and your company. You can come across professional, put together and organized OR sloppy and unqualified. We’ve all seen poorly put together collateral and it makes you think that if the company can’t put together a professional document or worse yet doesn’t care about the way their documents look, how good is the product or service they are selling?  Customer perception is everything. Just ask yourself who would you do business with?

Designing collateral fits right in with building your brand and if you are a small business owner and can’t yet afford to hire a marketing consultant or graphic designer to help you out then you are going to have to do it yourself for the time being.

1. You should decide how you want your company to be perceived by your target audience ( reliable, cutting edge, stylish, a leader, etc) and think of the type of  look that will appeal to them.

2. If you are not creative in any form or fashion don’t worry there are great online resources that can help! Try vistaprint or there are a ton of  very budget friendly or even free options for letterhead, logos, flyers, brochures, cards, etc. The only down side to a site like this is that you can’t specifically customize the items to your liking, but of you are just starting out this is a GREAT option.

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