2010 Fall Fashion Trends for chicks on a budget

If you are anything like me you get wide-ed looking at all of the pictures from the latest fashion shows and want to be trendy (within your personal style, of course)  for the upcoming season. Even though it’s still hotter than hell outside fashionistas are eying and buying the latest items for fall.  Often, women have trouble translating the latest couture trends into wearable fashions that fit their everyday life and budget. That’s where I step in!

Here are some of my fav fall trends and where you can find realistic alternatives that don’t make you want to die when you look at the price tag.

Trend #1:  Straight leg pants

There is a certain classic ladylike vibe given off by these straight leg pants pictured below from the Stella McCartney show. I especially love these because they give kind of a vintagey vibe.

Here is a similar pair for $44 from modcloth.com. Paired with the right top these are super cute fall option.

But if these aren’t quite your cup o tea, no worries because wide straight legged trousers are in this fall too, like the ones pictured below from the Zac Posen and Richard Chai shows.

Here are a pair of wideleg trousers for a steal at macys.com for $24.98.

Trend #2 Military Chic

Ok I know, I know you’re like military again? Yea, but you know you love the subtle military flairs along with the army green and khaki colors like this look from the Balmain show in Paris.

Below is a budget friendly option from forever21. Its only $29.80.  Cute right? I’m super iffy about forever 21. Don’t get me wrong they have cute stuff, but is it just me or does your stuff fall apart in a few months? or days? At one point 50% of my wardrobe was from there until everything started breaking, snagging and ripping. Needless to say, I don’t shop there much any more and when I do its with a VERY discerning eye.

Here is another option from modcloth.com for $73. Its got the military style buttons but in a classic black blazer.

Trend #3 : The Camel Coat

This classic color jacket gets a modern update with new and different proportions.The coat pictured below is from Max Mara.

Here is another uber cute option from modcloth.com for $69 (y’all can tell i love this site right?!). I know its not SUPER cheap, but I think that’s a pretty good price for cute outerwear.

I hope this post has given you some fall style insiration while showing you that you don’t have to break the bank to look fab.

2 Responses to “2010 Fall Fashion Trends for chicks on a budget”
  1. Leisa says:

    The mod coat is on sale right now for $35! Large only though :-/

  2. phoneixdaily says:

    if i had money i would so buy the coat.. darn it! this is good keep more post like this coming!

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