Lucite Heels Revamped or Still Stripper Shoes?

As I was doing my daily internet fashion surfing, I stumbled across Lucite heels aka stripper shoes in a few prominent fashion designers 2010 lines.  I don’t know how I feel about these y’all.  There are a few good ones and a few bad, very very bad ones. For example,  this pair  is by Fendi and they are pretty fab, but the clear part on the bottom still screams stripper to me.

The pair below is by Jimmy Choo and will set you back a pretty penny. Get this, they have a battery pack and they light up!  The sandal part is cute but the glow in the dark bottom is a bit much.

The only celb brave enough to wear these was Katy Perry. Do y’all think she pulled them off? The jury is still out on that one.

Below is a picture of Beyonce who really pulled off the Fendi pair (pictured above in tan). She looks really great here.  Which kind of surprises me because although I am a HUGE, MAJOR Bey fan. I am not a fan of her style.

Here are a few more pairs from Prada’s spring line.

Me no likey…

Below is yet another pair from Micheal Kors that I’m not really feelin either.

I do have to applaud these designers for trying to revamp and bring back a “stripper classic”, but aside from the Fendi pair I think the lucite heels should be left for the ladies on the pole.

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