How spell check has ruined my life

Spell check has officially ruined my life. I’ve been dependent on it since forever. *Flash back* even since the 7th grade spelling bee, when I got eliminated for the word sausage, which I spelled sauce-age. I can laugh now, but then my dreams of being the school spelling bee winner were dashed. I never competed again 😦

I know that many of you can relate to this post. Now that spell check is not only in Microsoft office, but in email , facebook, twitter and EVERYWHERE on the face of the planet; I have come to rely on it so much that I have trouble remembering how to spell some basic words without it! Before you call me retarded, think about it. When is the last time you had to hand write something besides your signature? Seriously, a letter, a paper, a memo? Yea, I didn’t think so. Besides the occasional sticky note to yourself in which you don’t give a crap if the words are misspelled or not because you know what YOU meant to write, right?! Here are some commonly misspelled words that everybody F’s up. Can you pick the correct spelling? Lets see…

a) acomodate
b) accomodate
c) acommodate
d) accommodate

a) embarras
b) embaras
c) embarass
d) embarrass

a) perserverance
b) persaverence
c) perserverence
d) perseverance

mmmhmm…harder than you thought. Here are the right answers just in case you were wondering. 1)d 2)d 3)d. Unfortunately, this seemingly useful tool has crippled us in terms of spelling. If you still don’t think this applies to you try this: open word, turn off spell check, type a few sentences, then turn spell check back on and see how many red squiggly lines you see. Although it’s a pain, spelling has a lot to do with someone’s image. It can have big impact on how you view a person or a company’s competence. If they can’t bother to spell check, how good is their product or service? Think about it. If you were looking for a particular company to hire for whatever reason and they had multiple spelling errors on their website or in their collateral how likely would you be to hire them? Exactly my point. The same thing goes for resumes, emails, even facebook, twitter and blogs. A few misspellings are ok  from time to time (we’re all human), but misspellings on a regular basis would really make you wonder about someone. Don’t front, y’all know I’m tellin the truth…


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