Wigs, weaves and lacefronts..oh my!

This post is dedicated all of the women rocking weaves and wigs. As a former weave/wig addict wearer my self I know a thing or two. You can see my hair evolution here. I used and still do to LOVE the easy effortless-ness ( is that a word?) and versatility of weave. I could be anyone I wanted to be for a day, week or month.  I used to rock a variation of styles textures and lengths, but I would never change the color. I would usually stick to a 1b or 1 just because I didn’t want to dye my hair or the colored wigs were just a bit off. There are a MILLION ways to wear your weave but here I’m going to give a few examples of what not to do.

#1 Texture

Always, always , always pay close attention to the texture of your weave, anything that is too shiny or slick will look un natural. A little trick to take the shine out of weave is to add  a little baby powder or to wash and dry it a few times. That usually roughen up the texture to make it appear more natural. You don’t want to look like this.

Although Lil Kim is wearing a lace front, a very bad one at that this demonstrates the texture rule perfectly. Who believes that’s you hair Lil Kim? You ain’t foolin nobody.

#2 Color

This is very important and something you have to be very careful with . There is a reason most black women have shades of dark brown hair. Most of us can’t pull off platinum blond or light brown. It’s just not a good look. Here is a rule of thumb to see if a hair color is going to work for your skin tone. If you have red undertones stay away from super blond shades. It will only accentuate the red in your skin and clash with the blond on top of your head. If you have yellow undertones, be careful of going too dark, like jet black. Although some girls can pull it off, case and point Rihanna , a lot of women can’t and the black overpowers your skin tone and you end up looking like a witch. If you are thinking about coloring your hair to rock the whole thing or to add tracks to it, try this. Take a trip to the local weave/wig store buy a .75 cent wig cap and try on the shade you want to dye your hair. This could save you from making a costly hair color mistake like Christina Milian below.  #imjustsayin

I love Christina Milian, she is a gorgeous woman but she should have consulted someone before dying her hair this ultra platinum blond. No no…

#3 Length

Ok, this on is pretty obvious but ladies don’t get hair down to your butt, I know its tempting but don’t do it. You can get long hair to switch it up (of course), but be sure to not make the faux pas above and be sure to go to a good hair stylist to get it cut in long layers. This will help it appear softer and more natural. You dont want to end up looking like Mortica from the Addams family.

Wendy girl.. this right here is too much long weave.

#4 Stop the lace front abuse

It seems lacefronts have taken the hair world by storm! There are good ones and bad ones. A good lace front will not break any of the rules above and appear natural by starting shorter and thinner at the hairline and gradually filling out, like real hair. Girls go wrong when they get the lace fronts that have a ton of hair that starts at the hair line of the wig or has unnatural looking baby hair OR the lace/glue is not properly applied and covered up.

Brandy’s edges look really unnatural. First there is too much fake baby hair out, second the wig starts too far down on her forehead.

Beyonce’s lace on her wig was not property applied and covered up.

Here is  Bey Bey doing a lace front done right.

Here are a few tips for caring for your hair underneath the weave or wigs.

1. Don’t leave your hair cornrowed for longer than 3 months. Some hair stylists say no longer than 6 -8 weeks, 3 months is the max. After this period of time your hair will begin to lock and matte together and it’s hell to untangle it. Trust me. Its happened to me before and my hair was so badly damaged I had to cut it off.

2.  When you do take your braids down be sure to deep condition your hair it and lay off the weave for a week or two before braiding it back up. If you don’t like wearing your real hair out, you can get an inexpensive half wig and rock that until it’s time for the next sew in.

3. When you braid your hair back and get your weave be sure to oil your scalp every week or so. You can use doo grow oil, the bottle has a pointed tip so you can get in between the tracks and the braids.

Weave can be a great thing if you wear it right and take care of your hair underneath.  If you know someone violating the weave/wig rules above, help a sista out. There’s nothing worse than someone with bad weave who thinks it looks good. Spread the knowledge.

5 Responses to “Wigs, weaves and lacefronts..oh my!”
  1. lexi william§ says:

    Very informative! Good use of pictures too.

  2. sandy brown says:


  3. renea robinson says:

    I have never seen this site before. Good tips, I will follow

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