Confident Unique Style

Are you one of those people who constantly need people to tell you, you look cute? Or complement your whatever to feel like you are stylish? It’s ok, were all like that.  The other day I had an epiphany while I was shopping my closet trying to come up with new outfits. Why do I feel the need for others to tell me I look cute to feel like I look cute? Especially when I take a fashion risk. Why if no one says anything about my new (fill in the blank) I feel like it must not be that cute.

If you notice some of the most stylish people clearly don’t give a **** about what others think. They put on what they feel and rock it. Case and point, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.  When I think of girls with confident unique style these two are amazing. Although some of you may disagree with me , hear me out.  They really have created their own style brand, although they didn’t start the oversized loose clothing bo-ho chic look they certainly made it their own.

They are both true to themselves when it comes to their personal style and I really think it shows. Their outfits totally reflect their personalities and they both own their look. Even though they wear over sized clothing and crazy funky accessories, they don’t overpower them.  It simply works.

I love love love those girls.

I feel like I have finally gotten to the place where I am growing into a style that is uniquely my own, taking more fashion risks, but most of all putting on what I like not what I think others would like or what’s more “main stream”. I am finally beginning to own my style. Do you own yours? Just food for thought.

(I have pictures coming soon. I left my camera at my house today)


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