Fall 2010 Make Up Trends

As I am deciding/shopping for my new fall wardrobe (that I still can’t wear here in Dallas because it’s almost September and still 95+ degrees, damn you Texas) I was wondering what am I going to do with my makeup? I try and incorporate a few new makeup items each season to change it up. There is nothing more boring (to me) than always looking the same. In the fall, I usually change out my foundation to a lighter shade (MAC  NC44) because by this time I’m losing my summer tan, and I get a few new eyeshadows. There are a ton of varied makeup trends for fall, but here are a few I like and will be wearing

#1 Minimal face

I know what you are thinking. These girls have NO make up on. Not true. There is a big difference between minimal make up an absolutely no make up. Unless you are like Halle Berry and have perfect skin rolling out of bed,  you need something on your face to achieve this look.  The key  is adding a touch of powder to take away any shiny-ness and if you are like me, add just a bit of concealer to cover any pimples  or blemishes.  For a little contrast,  I like to add concealer to my eyelids too and a bit of  mascara (be sure to go easy with it) and Viola!  A very fresh faced look for fall.

#2 Bold Lips

As Rih Rih demonstrates above, the two hot lip colors this fall are dark purple and bright red. My only word of caution with doing a bold lip is to be sure to pick the right shade for your skin tone or you could end up lookin a hott mess #imjustsayin

#3 Bold Brow

Ok Ok, I know not everyone can get with this one, but I think her brows look amazing. They are natural and gorgeous. The trick to achieving this look is to first get your brows professionally shaped, but not arched.  If you are not blessed with naturally thick brows, fill them in with a pointed brush (like the MAC # 208 pictured below) and use an eyeshadow color close to your natural brow color and fill them in using light strokes.

I’ll be experimenting with these looks this fall and I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration to do the same.


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