NYFW: Tory Burch and Luca Luca

I’m a big fan of Tory Burch ever since I saw her designs cross the SMU campus my sophomore year. All of the girls were wearing the flats, clothes and bags wayyy before she got big. That’s one thing I really miss about SMU, the fashion. Walking to class was like a big fashion show, you would see the latest and greatest right there before it got “mainstream” **sigh** the good old days, but I digress.  Tory Burch’s show was Wednesday and she had some cute stuff! I love her vintage twist on things and her bold prints. She also designs some cute bags! Here are some of my favorite looks (and bags)

All of the looks had kind of a hippy chic vibe to them. I dig it.

Luca Luca

So, I am on a mission to learn about new and lesser known designers and I came  across Raul Melgoza who is the creative director for Luca Luca. (Although Luca Luca is not new to some, its new to me lol)  In an interview before his show Melgoza said his point of inspiration for his 2011 collection sprang from a moment on a cruise from New Zealand to Australia after the fall 2010 show.  Melgoza was impressed by the “geometric triangular shapes of the Sydney Opera House and also the coloring at sunset of the harbor.” To complement the geometric lines, Melgoza added “fluid washed silks that resemble the billowing effects of the sailboats at the harbor”, bringing a “juxtaposition of the severe feeling of the domes of the Opera House and then the soft version” of “how the sails move in the water.” His designs really reflected that very chic sophisticated beach resort vibe. Here are a few of my favs:

I’ll have to keep my eye on Melgoza. His designs are very beautiful in a soft feminine way, dont you think?


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