Leggings: trend or here to stay?

Ok, so I have had a few requests to do a post about leggings. I have a very strong opinion about leggings that I don’t think most of you guys are going to like. Yea, you guessed it. I kind of sort of HATE them….**awkward silence** I know, I know they are everywhere and everyone is wearing them. but I just don’t like when girls (and guys lol) wear them as pants. They are OK,  under a skirt or a dress. Now dont get confused here,  I’m talking about leggings not tights, I happen to love tights under skirts and dresses. I don’t really know why I don’t like them. I just don’t find them very flattering on anyone. 😦 Sorry. The only acceptable kind are made of a thicker material like the ones Kim Kardashian wears.

Notice Kim usually wears a long shirt or jacket to cover her butt when she wears leggings. I think if you are going to do this look, that is the key. Leggings leave so little to the imagination and most materials show every lump and bump so you HAVE to cover up your butt. I mean have a little decency…I guess the reason I don’t like them so much is because I feel like soo many girls wear them wrong and so many girls that don’t understand their body shape and what’s flattering and those girls in particular wear them extra wrong. Y’all know exactly what I mean, I’m trying to be nice here. Don’t make me spell it out.  It’s the material that kills me first, then the choice of top or lack there of with it makes it just ridiculous.

My opinion is leave this trend alone and just throw on some skinny jeans  instead (if they are right for your body type). They give much more structure and flattering shape to a woman’s figure.

If you INSIST on wearing leggings here are a few tips rules:

#1. No Sheer Leggings

Please please please don’t wear sheer leggings, or try to substitute tights for leggings. Or you’ll end up looking like this

Exhibit 1. Sorry J Hud, but this is so not a good look. At least her shirt is long. *sigh*

#2 Wear a long shirt

Cardigan, blazer, or whatever to cover up. It’s so not flattering to be walking behind someone who has their butt hanging out in some too tight leggings with a super short shirt.

#3 Pick the  right outfit

Tights don’t go with everything. Please pick your ensemble appropriately. Here are a few outfit tips.

Wear tights with a long V neck and a colorful cardigan and cute scarf or necklaces and flats

Wear with a cute boyfriend blazer

Wear with a cute long tunic

Try to avoid super tight fitting tops. Tight on top and tight on bottom is usually not a good look for the majority of women. You want to balance out the tight leggings with a looser fitting top.

Here are a few more pictures of leggings done right.

I was going to put some legging donts up here but it was soo bad I just couldnt. Well, maybe just a few….

And don’t even get me started on jeggings …..jesus save us all..

I personally can’t wait for this trend to go back out of style and I hope it stays gone, but I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be back.

2 Responses to “Leggings: trend or here to stay?”
  1. sarah says:

    I have really thin legs and a fat tummy so leggings are just about all I can wear. I don’t own 1 pair of jeans because I simply can’t wear them. Before leggings came out I was in skirts and boots all the time. I also used to try and wear jeans but they would never stay up properly or they would cut into my waist. Belts would make no difference. For my sake I hope that leggings stay around forever otherwise I’ll have to treck through the woods in skirts again and have stinging nettles hurt my legs.

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