Tights with shorts: A fashion do or dont?

Based on my previous post on tights with leggings, y’all already know what I’m going to say about this trend. I want to say I hate it, but there is a little something about it I kind of like. So I’m on the fence about it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for 95% of women for the mere fact that it is a hard trend to pull off . I have seen a few celebs look pretty cute with it,but  I haven’t seen it translate into real life very well,even on the most stylish of girls. Although, I do have to commend the girls that at least attempting the look for the sake of a trend. Y’all are seriously bold and I don’t think I could do it, it’s just not my style.

Here are some of the celebs that have looked pretty cute while rocking tights with shorts


Katie Holmes

Gwennith Paltrow
The key to this look is to stay neutral with the tights. Keep them as close to the color of your shorts as possible. The trouble happens when girls take too much creative liberty…but to be safe just don’t do it. Thanks.

– Your Stylist

One Response to “Tights with shorts: A fashion do or dont?”
  1. cute but im to curvy for all that. skinny girls can rock this..

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