London Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Even though London fashion week has past and every one is on to Milan, I had to cover Vivienne Westwood’s show. Launched in 1993, the Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label is her ready to wear line that has a slightly younger feel to it while still maintaining her iconic style. Her collection was amazing, as usual. But I was pretty distracted by the  model’s “make up”, if you can even call it that. To me, it looked like a five year old had a finger paining project on their faces, but it was interesting nonetheless.  Here is what makeup director, Gordon Espinet had to say about the looks.

“I told the artists to be dangerous, to be expressive, not to be careful, to act like they were painting, I didn’t want it to be perfect, I wanted them to express themselves.”
So I guess it was a finger painting project. I’ll let you be the judge about the make up, but the clothes…wow.
Viv, you can go ahead and send me one of those pant suits. Thanks.
3 Responses to “London Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood Red Label”
  1. yeah.. i actually kind of like the makeup. its fashion and its a risk worth taking. its not an every day makeup of coarse but gezzz i rather like the creativity and how sometimes it added something to the outfit. i like the makeup in a creative way. Like with costume clothing, there are things you wear on stage for a performance, but dare not to wear any where else outside.. 🙂

  2. Those poor models. This makeup look is too distracting. It takes away from the clothes.

  3. imagemaven says:

    @Lexi really? I think I agree with Bethany it looks crazy!

    @ bethany yea I know! Its not cute!

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