Fall shoe trends

Its officially fall here in Dallas *applause* after months of crazy 100 degree temperatures, we can finally break out our fall wear! And with fall comes all the new trends. Of course booties, flat boots and open toe booties are still hot for fall, but I’ll be covering some of the other trends.

Trend 1: loafers and oxfords

I love the throw back vintage style of this look. This screams urban outfitters cool to me! Here are a few options.

Modcloth.com for about $70.

These super cool oxfords are from modcloth.com for $40.

Even though this could be considered a bootie. It looks more like a heeled loafer to me. This pair is also from modcloth.com  for$80

This pair is loafer-esque with the cute laceup in the front. You can cop these at Steve Madden.com for $90.

Trend 2: Over the knee boots

No longer are these boots considered stripper wear… Ok well I guess it depends on the girl and the outfit, but these hot boots showed on the runway season. Burberry had a particularly hot pair. Here are some options we can actually afford.

Over the knee boots are particularly expensive because of the amount of material needed to make them. This pair is a steal for $70 at DSW.com.

Here’s another cute pair from DSW.com for $90.

Trend 3: Lace

Lace is everywhere this season from dresses and shirts to shoes. I love this trend because its so girly and cute!

This pair would be the perfect compliment to the LBD and tights this fall. These are from Steve Madden.com for $90.

Trend 4: Clogs

Yea, I said it. Clogs are back. I was never a huge fan of these in the first place, I think they are clunky and awkward, but maybe they will grow on me?

This charming pair **rolls eyes** can be found at Steven Madden.com for $90.

Shoe Lust

Here are few pairs of hot, way too expensive, I wish I could afford them, maybe one day when I’m rich, designer shoes.

This pair isn’t that bad actually, they are by Dolce and Gabbana and they are only $400.

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw these. They. Are. Amazing. The are Christian Louboutin’s and they are $2400 from Net a Porter.com. ouch.

Here are another pair of Loubous. These will set you back $1700 at Net a porter.com.

These are simply elegant. They are by Alexander McQueen for $900.  They can be found at Shopstyle.com.

You cant go wrong with a black bootie. These are also Alexander McQueen. They will set you back $1400 at shopstyle.com

I just had to throw in a few super FAB pairs. I hope it did more good than harm, but I think it was the other way around for me. I think I’m going to try and save my pennies this fall and buy a pair of these “investment” shoes.  If you see me at lunch eating a cup of ramen you’ll know why. Anything for fashion!


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