Mixing up your workout routine

I decided to write a post dedicated to fitness since I’m doing my 3rd triathlon this morning. Wish me luck! I know working out is a serious pain but it’s necessary and if you are anything like me you have to keep it interesting or you will end up sitting on your couch thinking about going to the gym. Here is how I usually mix it up

Train for something specific

I find a lot more motivation to work out if I know I have a race coming up. The fear of sucking gets me to the gym. You can start small maybe a 5k and work your way up from there.

Try something totally different

As I mentioned above, I get bored really easily (in general and in my workouts) so every few months I pick up something new. The thrill of seeing if I can do it, keeps me motivated. (at least for a while) The last new thing I tried was triathlons, but I think next I’m going to try rock climbing.

Here are a few suggestions:

Bikram  yoga and/ or hot yoga

This is a SERIOUS work out, they crank up the temperature to 105 degrees while doing crazy yoga poses. I tried this once, it was ….uh, wow. I sweated so much my black hair dye started coming out of my hair and stained my yoga mat.

Pole Dancing Classes

The Girls Room offers and awesome  pole dancing classes. You learn beginner pole dancing moves while getting an awesome workout.

Aerobics Dance Class

Try a zumba class or hip hop aerobics. They are so fun you don’t even realize your working out, until the class is over.

Play an Sport

Pick your favorite sport and find an intermural league in your area. This is a great way to stay in shape, be competitive and meet new people.

Gotta keep it interesting….


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