Trend Report: Socks with heels or boots

There is a new trend that is on the horizon for this fall. Yup you guessed it,  socks with heels or boots. Before you turn up your nose, I’m talking about cute socks with cute shoes. Not the icky kind you see someone wearing with sandles standing in check out line  kind. There is a right way and a wrong way to wear the trend and I think, if done the right way it can be cute. Am I not selling you yet? Ok, check out some examples.

I think the look works here, the black socks with the black shoes almost looks like boots from a far.Only when you get up close you can see shes wearing black socks with heels.

Here are a few examples of socks with tall boots. I think it looks cute! It makes the entire outfit a little more interesting.

Here is Rihanna wearing socks with heels. Although I think a lot of people had an issue with the socks. I liked it. I thought she took a trend, made it her own and rocked it with confidence.

So will any of you guys be wearing socks with your fall shoes this season?

5 Responses to “Trend Report: Socks with heels or boots”
  1. I like the tall socks with boots idea but I’m not down w/socks w/pumps AT ALL. Sorry, Rihanna!

  2. guiseeves says:

    I actually love the whole look, i will try to rock it this fall, but the only look I’m not sure about is the short lace-up boots with sock because i have full thighs and my legs are not very long so they make me look a little stumpy

  3. imagemaven says:

    @bethany lol

    @Shameika you dont have to do a knee high you could do a shorter sock..I think that would be cute too

  4. clairesSMALL says:

    i love this look, and will certainly be trying it out when im feeling brave!
    thinking of wearing it with my halloween costume, musketeer… cutecutecute!

  5. imagemaven says:

    @clairesSMALL you should!

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