Trend Report: The turban

Although fashion turbans have been around for a while, they are on the rise again. Fashion turbans/head wraps have been a popular style in the African and African American community for a long time. No longer is the turban or head wrap for sistas with afros.  All types of women are embracing (or re-embracing) the trend.

Salma Hyaek rocked a turban at the Stella McCartney show on monday.

Here is SJP wearing a turban in the most recent Sex and the City movie. She’s always ahead of the trends!

Solange at a recent party rocking a turban style head wrap.

I personally LOVE this look. I think its so chic and different. It will definitley make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips for rocking a turban this fall.

#1 Tie it right.

Please learn how to properly tie your head scarf/turban. Here are a few how to videos.

How to tie a fashion turban

How to tie a head wrap (courtesy of the moptop maven, I LOVE her blog!)

#2 Buy it  pre-wrapped

If you are too lazy to tie the turban yourself, buy one that is pre-wrapped and fits like a hat.

Here is one I found on urban for $80

Here is another that comes in a variety of colors that I found at

#3 Wear the right outfit

Turbans can be super chic or downtown cool. Wear an outfit that fits the turban you are wearing. Most of us would probably wear a turban casually so be sure to dress the part. No sweats.

Kate Moss wore hers in dressy chic way.

Solange had the downtown cool vibe going on..

Are you brave enough to wear it? Click here to check me out wearing a turban-esque head scarf for the first time.

3 Responses to “Trend Report: The turban”
  1. No, I am NOT brave enough to wear this but you go, girl. I do love hats, though. I wear a cloche and sometimes a little beret-like hat in the winter.

  2. imagemaven says:

    Maybe you could do a turban style headband or something. Like this one mary kate wore

  3. Nadiah B says:

    Thanks for sharing..i absolutely love turbans!
    A great way to overcome those bad hair days 😀

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