Gap’s new logo

I know I usually talk about fashion, but this blog is dedicated to everything image and that included branding as well…

If you haven’t heard yet, Gap quietly unveiled its new logo last week and soon after pandemonium ensued and not the good kind. Bloggers, design firms, everyone had an opinion about it. Basically they thought is was crap. Most people were confused by the sneaky, quiet way they debuted it. One day they just randomly, seemingly for no reason changed it.  Gap is know for its classically simple clothes and logo. I personally don’t think the logo is that bad but the majority of the critics beg to differ. What do you think?

Here are a few of the critics quotes.

“Looks Like it Cost $17 From an Old Microsoft Word Clipart Gallery” notes Abe Sauer at Brandchannel

“It Makes Old Navy ‘Look Like a Luxury Brand” scoffs Armin Vit at Brand New

Wow, tell us how you really feel. Gap responded rather quickly by launching a sourcing project on their facebook page for people to submit their “revisions ” to the logo. It’s yet to be seen if that is going to work.  There is even a funny new website dedicated to Gap’s new logo, called crap logo me . You type in any word and it makes it look like the new Gap logo.  HILARIOUS. Try it here

3 Responses to “Gap’s new logo”
  1. I’m not a fan at all. I usually dislike logo changes. It takes me a long time to warm up to new ones. I still hate Walmart’s stupid new sunshine logo. Really? What was wrong w/the star? I agree the new Gap logo looks cheap and something they pulled from a gallery of designs. It sort of makes me think of a software company. Maybe the block looks like a computer chip to me or something. Thumbs down from this gal.

  2. imagemaven says:

    Lol at Walmart’s sunshine logo. I dont think its that bad, I guess the were thinking the logo should be simple and minimalistic like Gap, but I think its maybe a little too basic…

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