Blogs I Love

At the request of one of my faithful followers (thanks BTW), here is a list of my FAV blogs that I follow on a regular basis.

The Cut

This is New York Magazine’s fashion blog. They post the latest fashion news, fashion show coverage with sarcastically  hilarious commentary. This is definitely my# 1 favorite!

The Fashion Bomb

Written by top fashion blogger Claire, the Fashion Bomb  is great because it keeps its finger on the pulse of urban fashion. It also covers celebrity fashion and has great posts on outfit ideas and personal style.

The Business of Fashion

The BoF is not your typical fashion blog that talks about outfits, what I wore today, etc. It literally talks about the business aspect of fashion and the latest news in the industry. More company mergers and interviews with fashion’s heavy hitters  as opposed to look at this pretty dress.

The Moptop Maven

I love love love this blog, written by Nicole. Although, this blog is mostly dedicated to natural hair, she does post on fashion, skin care and yummy recipes. She is FAB.


Writen by the fashion folks at D Magazine,  they let you know where to find fashion deals and fashion events in the Metroplex. If you live here in Dallas this one is a must!

Save Your Pennies, Count your Blessings

This is another great blog! Writen by Alex, she gives you the dish on where the free/cheap events are in Dallas. She posts on anything from free drinks and food to free museum exhibits.

Guise & Eves

Guise & Eves takes a unique position on issues facing men and women. Writer, Shameika blogs about common issues we all  face while adding hilarious tidbits and comments from her unique perspective. It’s like Dear Abbey, Dr. Phil and Oprah with an edgy real world twist. She also does the research to back all of her statements up.  She is definitely one to watch.

Fashion Gone Rogue

If you like to look at magazine editorial pictures, this is the blog for you. The blog is dedicated to the latest fashion spreads and up and coming models that pose in them. When I’m in a mood to look at pretty pictures I go here!

Sea of Shoes

This chick has the most amazing vintage style and shes only 17! Her mom runs and online vintage store so she gets to pick from the best. Her blog is dedicated to her love of FAB shoes. She has a shoe collection 98% of women would kill for…

Web Ink Now

Now, I cant leave out my marketing blog. One of my favorite authors of marketing books, David Meerman Scott, blogs about all things marketing and practical tips you can apply to any business. If you are a small business owner, this one is a must.

5 Responses to “Blogs I Love”
  1. Love the blogs! Thanks! they are going to be added now to mine!!

  2. wallflower says:


    I had no idea you live Dallas, yay!
    I love your blog, you’re like my best friend in my head *Wendy Williams voice*

  3. imagemaven says:

    @Guiseeves @Lexi had to shout yall out

    @wallflower yea girl I live downtown. LMAO at the windy williams voice. I love her!

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