Michelle Obama: Style Icon

Personally, I think Michelle Obama has great style and I doubt I would find too many people to disagree with me.

Mrs. O …

Knows what works for her body type.

She has a small bust and a pear shaped body, but always find clothes that flatter her figure, which is amazing in general,but especially after 2 kids.

She plays up her assets.

She has great arms

She shows off her figure, tastefully. I aint mad at ya girl…

She’s not afraid of color and bold patterns

She keeps it stylish and comfortable

She always looks appropriately AMAZING.

Now, when you are first lady of the US of A you cant wear a lot of things, leggings as pants lol, short skirts, shorts or dresses (I know y’all remember shorts gate,) things that show too much cleavage, sky high stripper-esque heels, y’all get the picture.  I know she has a stylist so its a lot easier to look put together all of the time, but still.  She and her stylist hit the nail in the head 99% of the time which is super hard to do if you are constantly in the public eye. Don’t believe me? Think of your favorite celebrity and all of their fashion faux pas over the years. That’s what I thought.  Here are some of my fav Michelle Obama looks. She is fierce! **three snaps in a circle**

Dress by  Barbara Tfank

Dress by Alaia

Dress by Michael Kors

Dress by Liz Claiborne

Dress by Narciso Rodriguez

Dress by Barbara Tfank

Dress by Isabel Toledo

Dress by Perter Soronen

She is my future style icon. When I grow up I want to dress like her!

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. I didn’t scower the internet for hours finding these pictures and designers. They were nicely put together on this great blog called Mrs. O.org, dedicated to the Michelle’s style.

2 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Style Icon”
  1. I like the photos you have chosen. While I adore Michelle O., her style has frankly bored me to TEARS at times. I love the more glamourous looks. The “50’s house wife w/pearls” look makes me want to take a nap. And she’s the last body type who should be wearing belts, yet she’s quite known for them. My few style gripes aside, Michelle O rocks. : )

  2. imagemaven says:

    I can see your point, but thats what I love about her style. She is “different” well at least for a first lady but she can also pull off the whole classic fiftys house wife look. I see what you are saying about the belts but but she does have a pretty small waist in comparison to her hips so she probably wants to flaunt that. I mean its kind of hard to “hide” the kind of shape she has and I think she realizes that, embraces it and shows it off…

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