Are all nude shades made equal?

As I was doing my daily blog surfing, I came across a post on the Cut that talked about women buying more nude underwear. Here is the gist of the article.

A British study found that 72 percent of women choose nude or flesh-toned underwear instead of black, white, and fancy colors or prints when they go shopping, and U.K. store Debenhams says that skin-colored underwear sales are up 38 percent this year.

The Daily Mail interviewed a psychologist named Donna Dawson who did a poll and discovered that all these nude-undie-loving women also have certain personality traits.

Dawson said: ‘A nude or flesh-coloured bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent. This woman is relaxed, with nothing to hide.

That got me to thinking,  how come there aren’t many options for nude shades of underwear for black women or other women of color? Think about it. Here is the standard shade of nude.

Some are a little lighter some a little darker, but this is what you usually see in most stores. Now, that is going to show up like a white bra against my skin and through my clothes. How come companies don’t wise up and make more shades of nude to accommodate everyone? If I ever found a nude bra in my color,  I would buy it in a heart beat and I know a ton of girls who would too.

To be fair, I did do a little more research and I came across a company called My Skins that has nude under garments in  20 different skin shades, which a great start, but that definitely doesn’t cover the entire spectrum.

I’m glad a company is finally paying attention, but these bras are exclusively sold on online.  What about larger companies who mass produce undergarments? Maybe its just me, but it’s sad that it’s 2010 and a Black, Hispanic or Indian woman can’t walk into a regular department store or even Target and find nude under garments to match their skin tone.  Just food for thought. How do you feel about it?

2 Responses to “Are all nude shades made equal?”
  1. GREAT point that I had not considered! I’m super pale, but even the standard nude tone (though darker than me) works fine for me. I think Iman or Tyra needs to get on this!

  2. imagemaven says:

    Yup! Im going to email tyra! lol

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