Would you wear a cape?

That’s right, this fall capes  are making a come back. I have to admit I kind of love it because I have a thing for jackets and coats. My hall closet is full of them! I love how they can change the whole vibe of your outfit.  Here are a few capes that I have my eye on this fall.

This cape or capeish coat is from Asos.com.  It mixes two great fall trends capes and camel.

Another cute, out of the box cape from urban outfitters.

This one is from asos.com also

Here is a cute option I found on speigel.com

So will you be trying this trend out this fall?


3 Responses to “Would you wear a cape?”
  1. I love the look of certain capes, but I probably would not wear one for practicality reasons. The one by Spiegel is fab.

  2. imagemaven says:

    Yea they probably would get in the way, but they sure are cute!

  3. Kaysha says:

    I would definitely wear a cape. Not everyday or everyplace. Just a little something to change it up and a little unexpected. Love the cape/coat by Asos.

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