Stylish Halloween Costumes

Wondering what you’re going to wear to that Halloween party Saturday night? Here are a few simple DYI costume  ideas that wont break the bank. Because what’s the point of spending $100 on a Halloween costume you will never wear again? Would you rather spend that money something else? I know I would.

1. Cute Sailor

I’m sure you have something red, white and blue in your closet, right? Maybe some cute high-waisted pants or shorts? Shop your closet for a nautical inspired outfit and go to your local Halloween store and buy a sailor hat and voila! you’re  a cute sailor.

2. Snooki

Although she is not a fashionista in the least, you can put a cute twist on this costume. First you’ll need Snooki hair. You can find a cheap black wig at your local beauty supply for about $10.  Notice I said beauty supply and not Halloween store. At the Halloween store, you’ll pay a lot more for the same wig.  Break out the hair spray and start teasing until you achieve this look.

Then, throw on your favorite sexy black party dress and killer black heels and poof, you’re Snooki.

3. Vintage Style

I know most Halloween costumes are sexy and revealing, but try something unexpected.  Go conservative. Try a 60’s housewife look a la mad men.

When you show up with all of your goodies covered up and all of the other girls are showing them off, your costume will surely stand out from the crowd.

4. Rihanna

Another relatively simple costume is to dress up like Rihanna. Go the local beauty supply and get a short red wig. Cut and style until you achieve this look.

Then throw on your funkiest outfit and get a mic to carry around as a  prop. Top off the look with bright colored make up with a bold color lip.


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