Faux Fur

Love fur, but can’t bear to pay the price for it? or are you just an animal lover and cant stand to see the poor critters hurt in the name of fashion?  A great alternative is faux fur.  It’s yet another big trend for the fall. Faux fur adds instant drama and funk to any outfit.  Here are a few cute options.

This vintage faux fur jacket is from urban outfitters for $88

This cute jacket is from gargyle.com for $670. You could get something real for that price, but it’s cute none the less.


This cute cropped coat is from urban outfitters for $148.


This one is from asos.com for $80


Ok,  I had to throw this one in there it’s amazing. It’s real fox fur from ssense.com and it will set you back $1500, but look at that thing! wow.

And if $1500 is a little too pricey, which it is for 95% of us,  this faux fur vest is from old navy for only $30!

And if $30  is too much ( we are still in a recession) here is an awesome DYI option.

This is from PS I made this.com it’s a great option if you don’t want to break the bank.





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