The Fashionitas @ Express Northpark

Thursday, my girl Lauren invited me out the grand reopening of express at Northpark mall. I know it’s just express, but the event was being held my the fashionistas and Modern Luxury Dallas. So I had to go! I had a great time, ran into some friends and made a few new ones. Here are some pics from the event.

Lauren and I talking to Heidi Dillon founder of the Fashionistas in dallas. She had on those amazing YSL mohawk pumps.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw them!

You can kind of see the shoes in this pic. They were stunning in person!

Me and Lauren

I was in such a huge rush to get to the event. I didnt have time to do anything with my hair. Don’t judge me!

Lauren and Bethany Siggins, a fellow image consultant. She has a great fashion blog too. Check here out here. I love her! She is so sweet and has awesome style.

Me and my frizzy hair again.

Met two new people Jack Son and Benny Black..

Lauren and I posing in front of the jean wall. I wanted to throw a pair in my purse…lol

Ran into my friend Diamond ( in the plaid skirt) She and Erica have a fashion blog that showcases thier awesome personal style. I love love love the way both of them dress.  You have to visit thier blog here

All the pictures were taken by my friend Danny with Daniel Joesph Photography

3 Responses to “The Fashionitas @ Express Northpark”
  1. Thanks, sister! You’re the best! xo I noticed Diamond and Erica at the party. PRETTY girls. Love their style. How sharp was Benny Black? Love gray/pink on a guy.

  2. imagemaven says:

    Of course! They are both gorgeous! benny black suit was nice

  3. Awesome event and love the pictures… so can u tell me who the guy is that has on a skirt with the split.. i need his fierceness immediately! 🙂

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