How to make a cheap wig look chic

As of last week my hair has been very angry at me. I have not been taking very good care of it and it’s not acting right as a result. So,  I have opted to do protective styling for a few weeks to nurse it back to health.

I went to Gigi Beauty supply on Royal and 75 and got a half wig for $24. I tried to pick something with a similar curl pattern to mine, but they didn’t have it so I got the next best thing.

I know it looks a lot like a shiny jheri curl in the picture, but you don’t just wear it straight out of the bag. There are a few things you have to do to it before it’s ready to wear.

I followed my usual hair regimen, plus a deep conditioner. Then,  I braided my hair in loose and slightly crooked  corn rows ( I cant braid very well), but I left a section of hair out at the top to cover the front of the wig.

** I know I look like a WNBA player here, but the braids aren’t for show lol

I used an arrow to point to the top front section of hair I left out. I two strand twisted it so it would match the curl pattern on the wig.

Next,  I “prepared my wig”

I washed it with regular shampoo then set it in front of a fan to let it air dry.  You cant put any kind of heat on a synthetic wig or it will melt. Don’t believe me? Try it..The reason I wash it first  is to get rid of the shine that makes it look so obviously fake. By washing the wig and “roughing” it up a bit. It helps make it less shiny.

Then, I thoroughly combed the wig out. This helps the texture look more real by taking out the perfect ringlets. This allows it to frizz a little like real hair.

Next,  I put the wig on and cut and shaped it. When you are cutting a curly wigs or weave you want to cut in layers ( a downward diagonal motion),not in a straight across motion. That helps the hair to lay in a more natural way.

After I my twist at the top was dry, I took it out and separated it with my fingers. Then I put the wig on, added a black head band and arranged my hair on top and Voila!

** Y’all please excuse my lack of makeup. I didn’t get this idea until late at night and I had already taken all of my makeup off for the day and I absolutely didn’t feel like reapplying **

I used the arrow at the top to point to my real hair that’s out covering the front line of the wig. If you select the right color, prepare the wig right and twist your hair correctly you shouldn’t be able to tell where your real hair ends and the wig starts.

Here is another more angle.



I love the cheapness and versatility of half wigs because for only $24 or less you can have a new hair style for a month or two without spending a ton of money at the salon.

Girls with Perms

For all my girls who rock a perm,  you can still do this to switch it up. You can skip the corn rows, pull your hair back in a bun or a french braid so it will lay flat and use a curling iron to curl your hair in the front to match the curl pattern of the wig.

Wig 101

There are so many women who wear wigs on a regular basis, but wear them wrong. It only takes a few simple steps to correct the problem Here are a few wig tips.

Pick the Right Color

I find wigs, especially synthetic ones look best in solid, dark colors, like 1b, 1 or 2.  If your hair is a different color than that, I would invest in a better wig so the color wont look so fake.

Pick the right style

I find that straight synthetic wigs just look too plastic and fake. Opt for something curly or wavy. If you insist on wearing a straight wig, invest in a better quality wig, preferably human hair, which will have a more realistic texture.

Take care of your real hair

Just because you are wearing a wig doesn’t mean you can neglect your hair underneath. Be sure to give your hair a break by taking the wig off at night and (natural haired girls) moisturize and oil your hair and scalp.

Always fix and style your wig

Don’t wear the wig straight out of the bag. Ninety nine percent of the time you need to do something to the wig to “customize” it. Whether that’s washing it, or cutting and styling it or both. Also,  be sure to take the time to arrange your hair that you leave out at the top. Nothing looks worse than a girl with wig on whose hair doesn’t blend.

Hopefully, I’ve given you a new idea to switch up your hair or a few useful tips. Now there are no excuses for wearing bad wigs anymore. You know exactly what to do.  Go forth and spread the wig gospel…



10 Responses to “How to make a cheap wig look chic”
  1. betty says:

    girl the wig looks great. i can’t tell where your hair starts and the wig begins. great tips I’ll have to try this

  2. imagemaven says:

    Yea girl, its one of my favorite lazy hair day looks! Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Simone says:

    You look amazing as usual!!!

    I’m wayyyy late on this one…call me next time you’re in Houston so you can help me get and prepare a half wig 🙂

  4. Trina says:

    I just found this blog. Within minutes, I’ve learned so much. Thank you for being so informational. I really appreciate the tutorials and pictures. I’m taking out a 2-month old sew-in today, and will try the curly, synthetic half wig (from the tutorial). Again, thank you!!

    • imagemaven says:

      Glad you like it! Let me know if you have any questions or if you want a specific topic covered.

      • CyberSista says:

        These are great tips thanks! I too could not tell the difference between your natural hair and the wig! Good job! I’ve just started to play around with wigs while I give my natural hair a break, and I hate the shiny look and overall fakeness of the wigs. But I will have to try this!

  5. imagemaven says:

    Glad you found it helpful! let me know if you have any questions!

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