Lanvin for H&M full collection!

Finally,  after waiting what seems like an eternity Lanvin has unveiled its entire line for H&M. Here are the looks from the look book complete with prices.

T-shirt: $49.95, Jacket: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Belt: $19.95, Necklace: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95, Necklace (worn as bracelet): $49.95

Dress: $199, Shoes: $99, Brooch: $19.95, Necklace: $49.95, Bracelet: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

T-shirt: $39.95, Skirt: $59.95, Jacket: $149, Shoes: $99, Necklace: $29.95, Belt worn as necklace: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $249, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95, Bag: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $199 Shoes: $99 Gloves: $49.95 Necklace: $49.95 Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $199, Vest: $99, Necklace: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Bracelet: $29.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $199, Earrings: $19.95, Belt worn as bracelet: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $199, Belt worn as necklace: $19.95, Leather gloves: $49.95 Bracelet: $29.95, Brooch: $19.95
Necklace worn as belt: $29.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95

Skirt: $59.95, Coat: $199, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $249, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99 , Earrings: $19.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $249, Pink necklace: $39.95

T-shirt: $39.95, Blazer (styled with pin from men’s tuxedo jacket): $99, Skirt: $99, Shoes: $99, Pink necklace: $39.95
Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress (styled with fur collar from coat not pictured): $149, Necklace: $29.95, Earrings: $19.95, Bag: $49.95, Shoes: $99, Leather gloves: $49.95, Sunglasses: $19.95

Coat: $199, Necklace: $39.95, Shoes: $99, Sunglasses: $19.95

Source: The Cut

Men don’t feel left out. There are things for you too. Visit The Cut to get a sneak peak.

You can get a look at the entire collection at Here are my top picks.

Alber Elbaz did a very nice job! Of course what else would you expect from him? I love the majority of the things in the collection. I can’t wait to go snag them!

3 Responses to “Lanvin for H&M full collection!”
  1. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing w/us! I see several things I’d like to try, as well, starting w/that zebra coat! I’m a sucker for a statement coat.

  2. ooooo i love this! i can also see u in a majority of these clothes starting with the hot pink dress!

  3. imagemaven says:

    @ Bethany I know i love that coat too!

    @ Lexi I know, thats one of the reasons I posted all of these things because I can see them sitting in my closet!

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