Office Appropriate Tights

I got a request from my friend/fav blogger/my top blog commenter, Alex  to do a post on wearing tights in an office setting. Don’t get confused. I’m talking about tights, not leggings. Y’all already know how I feel about leggings. If you don’t know, check out my previous post here.

Essentially,  you want to keep the tights in the office pretty neutral. You can play around with pattern a little but that’s about it.  So, navy blue, grey, dark brown, black, nude and that’s it. No loud colors or busy patterns. Although you may think the tights are super cute, the higher up’s might not. They may  actually think you are dressed inappropriately. They may not say anything to you, they will just make a negative mental note. And if you are trying to advance your career in that particular office, giving a decision maker a reason to think anything (even something as little as a fashion choice) negative about you is a no no.

Here are a few office appropriate pairs

I think you can get away with lace tights because they are black. Just be sure  your skirt or dress is not too short.

Here are a few office tight don’ts

These are only appropriate if your office has a DJ and a pole… Cute for a day at the mall? Yes.  Office appropriate?  No.

Keep the cute patterned tights for after 5 or the weekends.

2 Responses to “Office Appropriate Tights”
  1. guiseeves says:

    I like to wear my decorative lace tites to work, even though they are approprioate i still feel sort of skanky! Maybe not when i put them on but when i recieve looks from the L7 teachers, under your appropriate tites, i have similar ones to three and four yet i still feel sort of strange so i just wear stockings. Solid stocking how boring, im actually wearing some now!!

  2. imagemaven says:

    I know! solid stockings are so boring! I like the lace ones, but I think you should just have a pretty conservative outfit on, but its a judgment call. If you work at an accounting firm lace tights are probably a no no

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