Do or Dont? Wearing Natural Hair to an Interview

I already know this is a heated issue. Most people say you should straighten your hair or at least pull it back for an interview. The same thing goes for deadlocks, braids and twists. I know it’s the “rule” but it makes me upset. Why can’t I wear my natural hair the way usually wear it to the interview? because I’ll intimidate someone? they will have a negative impression of me because of my hair? It’s all so silly. Although times have changed and many people now embrace diversity including diversity of hair types, unfortunately corporate America has not. Corporate America is all about conformity they want everyone to act, dress, look, speak and behave the same. This is one of the reasons I started my business, to not have anyone telling me what I can and can’t do! But, I digress. You would think with the rise in popularity of black women going natural it would be more acceptable to wear our kinks, curls and coils to the office without the standard, wide eyed, what is that on your head look… Y’all know the look.  My big issue is that if it’s ok for women of other ethnicities to wear their naturally curly hair,  what’s so different about an African American women or men wearing ours? And if my hair is kinky 4a,4b,4c curl pattern…

does that make my hair less acceptable than a looser 3a,3b,3c curl pattern?

Personally, I do feel as if I get more looks, questions and general akward stares if I wear my 4a hair to the office than when I wear it back in a bun. But, I dont really care. I do me at all times. Personally, I would wear my fro to an interview and if they cant see past my hair and look at my qualifications. It’s thier loss, but that’s just me. How do you guys feel? Speak on it.

4 Responses to “Do or Dont? Wearing Natural Hair to an Interview”
  1. Guiseeves says:

    If anyone knows, it would be you, that image is the first indIcator of your personality regardless if is percieved right or wrong, the choice that you make to wear something says alot about you! Natural hair/ or heavily textured hair is very ethinc and in the “corporate world” or business world ethnicity is not something they necessarily want to promote nor embrace. Fair skin, straight hair and un-threating clothing is safe and anything that deviates is a big NO, we all know How play the part on the interview and shock them on the first day of work!

  2. imagemaven says:

    LOL I know! I definitely did that at my last job! I would change my hair every 6 weeks, different lengths, styles, textures, you name it. After a while people stopped being shocked and got over it. But most places aren’t like that. I just hate that you even have to “conform” during your interview. My thing is that if I am the best candidate and you wont hire be because I have natural hair I dont want to work there anyway!

  3. *sigh… as i have an interview coming up this cme to my ttention. I realized that hair is hair, and some how I will embrace my hair ethnic and all and go on. It’s just hair. It’s apart of who i am and actually adds zest to who i am. Big hair 4b will be reppin on my future interview.. but i will be professional in a nice fitted suit. I think it’s all about how you present ur self. now with more people being natural people are used to it. As long as it’s neat and trimmed and not very crazy, i think its okay.

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