Nappiology Natural Hair Expo

Me and fellow blogger Alex went the Nappiology natural hair expo Sunday. We had such a great time meeting other natural haired girls and discussing hair regimens and products. There were a ton of vendors and speakers there. We were late, but we caught the tail end of Rene Syler’s talk.  She talks about working in the news industry and being forced to relax her hair to conform. Her hair was FAB.

She gave a great speech. Well, the part that I did hear.

There were also a ton of vendors there. I bought a few new all natural products to try out. Here is what I got.


This is Afroveda conditioning shampoo. I haven’t tried it yet, but everyone was raving about it. So I decided to try a new product and support a black owned business in the process, two for one.

These products by Taliah Waajid were 3 for $10! These are made from all natural ingredients and for $10 you just cant beat that!  I got a the enhancing herbal conditioner (a deep conditioner) Lock it up ( a twist out product) and the Great Detangler (leave in). I cant wait to try these.

I got a sample size of a daily moisturizing butter cream from Ori Organics. I used it to twist my hair and I loved it. My hair feels so soft and looks shiny. I will definitely be ordering more of this.

I have also been wanting to trade in my Vaseline cocoa butter lotion for natural shea butter. So I got this small tub for $5. I mixed it with a little castor oil and olive oil and its been great. Especially with this dry winter air..

3 Responses to “Nappiology Natural Hair Expo”
  1. I need Shea Butter for my tummy! Where did you find 100% for $5?!

  2. Leisa says:

    I’m so mad I didn’t go! I heard about it and apparently I definitely missed out. Boo, will have to catch it next time around. Do you do the Nappiology meet-ups too?

  3. ImageMaven says:

    @Bethany I found some online for you here its $9.00 but the container is bigger than mine

    @Leisa Yea you should have come! It was great. No I havent been to the meet ups, but I’m thinking about going.

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