Mix It Up This Holiday Season

What usually comes to mind when you think of holiday wear? Velvet? Sequins? Classic Coats?  Yes, all of those things are great for the holiday season, but aren’t you tired to wearing the same type of outfit to the annual holiday parties? Me too. Here are a few options to give you some holiday outfit inspiration.

Wide Legged Pants
I know most of you fabulous ladies usually wear dresses to holiday parties, but pants are a great departure from the norm and right on trend for this season. Pair your wide legged pants with a girly fitted top or a great blazer to achieve a men’s wear inspired look.

Capes and Ponchos
As opposed to pulling your trusty pea coat out of the back of the closet, opt for a stylish cape or poncho. There are plenty of options and variations in the stores now and you would be able to find the perfect one to fit your personal style.

Lady Like Dresses
Trade in your sexy cocktail dress for the more demure lady like dresses of the season. These dresses with their classic silhouettes and longer lengths are a great departure from the standard little black dress.

To complete the look try one of the following fall makeup trends.


Bold Lip
Be bold this fall and try a dark purple lip or a vibrantly bright red lip.

Strong Brow
Whether you have naturally thick eyebrows or you tastefully fill them in, try adding a little more fullness to turn up the drama.

Minimal Makeup
The key to this look is adding a touch of powder to the face to take away any shine, but let your beautiful natural skin show through. To add a little more dimension, you can put some concealer to your eyelids and finish it off with a bit of mascara.

Keeping these trends in mind, this season, when putting together your looks for the holiday party rounds try to mix it up.


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