Do women really want things they cant afford?

Friday, Reed Krakoff announced he will be selling an  exclusive limited edition perfume priced at $700. There will only be 400 made and each will be in differently colored glass bottles sold at exclusive stores of Krakoff’s picking. When asked about his ridiculous pricing Krakoff said “What a lot of women want is something that not everyone can afford”

Do you think that’s true?  Part of me says yes and part of me says no.


I think its true partly because most woman (and people in general) want what they cant have. But also because most women want to feel like they have something that is one of a kind and if it’s expensive, then not everyone can afford to have it, which makes it more “special”. Plus, whenever someone sees you with it (whatever it is) , it’s an automatic status symbol because they know how much it cost.

For other women, it’s a goal to work towards.  It’s not so much obtaining the expensive item it’s having the option to obtain it. It makes you feel a sense of accomplishment once you are in a place to finally purchase that designer bag or diamond ring. Although you take pride in the actual purchase, it’s more to you than a material thing. That purchase  represents your accomplishment.


Another part of me feels like anything can be special and it does not have to be expensive to be special. Specifically relating to fashion, you can find something that is dirt cheap and turn it into something amazing. You can have the same “exclusive expensive” feel for a cheap item if it is fiercely unique.

What do y’all think?

2 Responses to “Do women really want things they cant afford?”
  1. For some women it is about the price tag, but for others it’s about the exclusivity of an item, which often translates into a higher price. I find inexpensive exclusive things all the time at vintage stores. I love having something no one else has and something that also has a story behind it (if only it could talk).

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