Little Girls with Weave

Sorry about my lack of posts lately, you know how life gets… Anyways, I’m sure you are wondering what’s up with the topic. I mentor for big brothers and big sisters and every Tuesday I have lunch with my little sister who is 10 in the 5th grade. She’s such a cutie.  Every time I go into the cafeteria I see a handful of cute little girls, little black girls, under the age of 10, with weave in their heads! Not weave for cornrows or braids, but full on weave ponytails and tracks! The first time I saw this I was shocked and instantly thought bad things about the mother of that poor child. I thought how could she subject that poor baby to that mess? Why would you do that to a child?

3 year old getting a sew in for a beauty pageant
Then, I thought about why a mother would do that?! Maybe she doesn’t have time to do the little girls hair. Or doesn’t know how to handle her hair. The mother probably does the same thing to her hair as well and that’s all she knows. Maybe the mother just needs educated on how to properly handle hair? I’m not sure what the reason is behind it, but all I know is that it needs to stop. Once the girl is an appropriate age, she can decide what to do with her hair. But under the age of 16, there needs to be no extra pieces in her head unless she has braids.  As little black girls we already have enough hair issues as it is, then if you add weave into it, it just makes the situation worse in my opinion. The little girl might feel like her hair is too ugly to wear out and develop a complex. Then it’s just down hill from there. Mothers, embrace your little girls hair. Tell her it’s beautiful and tell her she’s beautiful. Find different styles (whether her hair is permed or natural) that she likes.

That positive affirmation will go a long way in building her self-esteem and when she runs into the inevitable teenage hair issues every girl goes through.

4 Responses to “Little Girls with Weave”
  1. I never had weave out side of some cornrows and micros. When I had “weave” It was out of college and it was a quick weave. I have had only 4 maybe 5 in my life!! I soon went to sown ins… It was better I didn’t have them because I learned more about my hair without them and could tell what products, and weave could do to them if they were not properly taken care of and done… smh… sad.. at 3 your hair is still growing come on!!

  2. Simone says:

    I agree…Putting weaves and highlights on little girls is ridiculous!!! Let me not even get started on the people that let their 10 yr olds have acrylic nails…

  3. Nice, I agree. There must be a certain amount of pressure these girls are feeling from media, movies and TV to have that look. But of course it’s w/in Mom’s control to say ‘no.’ So glad you are a volunteer w/BBBS. I’ve been w/my little sister for 7 yrs!

  4. imagemaven says:

    @ Alex I know!

    @Simone I think its ridiculous! What with these parents these days?

    @Bethany I know but still, little girls should be little girls. I love BBBS Ive been doing it for 2 years now!

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