Rihanna’s red hair and 2010 fall hair trends

Would you dye your hair fire engine red for the sake of a trend? Would you? Yea, I didn’t think so. Most people cant pull off red hair even the queen of fashion herself Rihanna.  Everyone is talking about Rihanna’s red hair especially at the AMA’s last night. If you haven’t seen the pics her look will have you seeing red. Literally.

There was a lot of red going on red hair, red dress, red carpet… wow. She still looked pretty though.

First and foremost although I’m not a Rihanna music fan but I am a fan of her fashion. Well, the risks she takes at least. That takes a lot of guts.  I bet 98% of women wouldn’t dare to wear some of the things she does so for that she gets my fashion respect.  Now on to the hair, the short red hair was ok, but the long red hair is a mess. I’m sorry.

If you saw any other black girl on the street with 16 inch kool aid red weave on their head you would be like WTF is going on?! Just because she is Rihanna doesn’t make that hair style look ok. Now, I do have to give her props for always keeping people guessing with her hair and clothes. All press is good press right?

This fall red hair was a predicted trend even before Rihanna came along and gave it her endorsement. Here are a few other hair style trends that are hot for the fall.

The Pompador

I’m a huge fan of this style. There are so many different versions! I think its so cute and you don’t see many girls rocking it. So why not be the first of your friends to try it out!

Soft Waves

At the Dior show, models graced the run ways with pretty soft waves.

The picture above is an everyday version of what they did. I think this is a great versatile style that just about anyone can wear.

The Ponytail

Now, this isn’t the I’m about to go work out a the gym pony tail. It’s intentional and styled like so


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