Gucci’s baby clothes line

Friday, Gucci unveiled its children line. Which, I must admit is really adorable. I’ve kind of always wanted a Gucci diaper bag when I have kids. I know, I know, it’s really ridiculous but its soo fab. Admit it…if someone GAVE you one you would totally use it too. Gucci threw a party in New York and London with some seriously cute kids to launch the line. Here are some pics from the party.

Aww…  lucky rich kids!

At the New York party they even had an iPad app called playground that let the kids dress up virtual dolls in Gucci clothes. Holy crap..why was this not around when I was a kid? Better yet, why am I not one of those kids at the party?!

Here is a little sneak peak of the line.

Cute! If you’re wondering about prices. The boat shoes start at $275. Ouch. But, it’s Gucci. If the price tag huts your feelings maybe it will make you feel better that in conjunction with the launch parties Gucci announced they donated $1 million to UNICEF’s schools for Africa initiative. That should make the $275 price tag for a 2 year old’s shoes sit a little better. Ok, maybe not…

(picture credit Fashion Foie Gras and The Cut)

2 Responses to “Gucci’s baby clothes line”
  1. Yes, a Gucci diaper bag would be FAB. I agree. Nice choice. : ) Alas, I purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote from Shopbop (it was on display in the nursery if you happened to peak in there last week). I like it alot, very roomy and will serve me well for travel, etc. once it’s not in use as a diaper bag any longer.

  2. imagemaven says:

    Nice. I know youll be the most stylish mom ever!

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