Why do you love your fav fashion blogs: original v.s. re-purposed

Through my daily blog surfing, I’ve noticed a few fashion blogs don’t have much original content. A lot of them “borrow” articles from other sites and post them on their own. Personally, I think this is OK from time to time but I don’t know about every day. I mean, isn’t the purpose of a blog to give your point of view and opinion on a topic? Would you stop visiting a blog that used re-purposed articles all of the time? I would.  I notice the blogs that I visit the most have the most original content that I can’t find anywhere else or they give a hilarious, sarcastic or unique take on the latest fashion buzz. Here is a list of my favorite blogs from a while back. What kinds of fashion blogs do you find yourself visiting most often and why?

4 Responses to “Why do you love your fav fashion blogs: original v.s. re-purposed”
  1. Guiseeves says:

    I think orginal is the best, I do add some re-purposes ones but only from time-to-time!

  2. Hmmmm…..It all depends. I don’t mind folks that re-purpose as long as they source the original author. Stories have to come from somewhere. It’s great when a blog has its own writing style. I think that gains you readership. It’s no different than the news media. When you turn on the 11 o’clock news they are always showing the same news stories regardless of the network.

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