My old lady Christmas

So I’m only 24, but this Christmas I got some serious old lady gifts. These are all things I wanted, mind you. Here is what I got:


This tupperware is awesome because it’s microwavable! and the tops fit on the bottom of each one so you never lose them! I know this seems really boring, but you don’t understand, my boyfriend has ruined every single piece of tupperware I own.

Next thing I got was a head scratcher

I tried this thing at my friend Bethany’s Christmas party and I loved it so much I had to get one of my own! It worked a lot better when my hair was pressed. Now that my hair is back in its curly state it’s a little harder to get it to work, but I still like it none the less.

My next old lady gift was a massager pillow

My neck, feet and back are always hurting and I guess my boyfriend got tired of giving me messages because he bought me this. It’s heated too! I love it.

Yet another old lady gift I got was a satin pillow case.

This was a much needed gift. I am always forgetting to put on my head scarf at night and I get so pissed when I wake up and my hair is a dry, matted mess. Now, problem solved.

Tomorrow, my mom is taking me to get a food processor

Over the past year or so I have become domestic (weird, I know) but I have been in serious need of one of these!

She is also getting me some new bake ware. I attempted to make cookies to take over my BF’s family’s house for Christmas dinner but they came out jacked! They were more like chocolate chip cookie cakes as opposed to flat cookies. They def came out weird. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts right.

My last gift is a trip to Sam’s! That’s the grand finale to my old lady Christmas. You can finish laughing at me now!



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