Kennedy Center Honors Fashion

The Kennedy Center Honors awards show aired last night.  Although there were not many of your typical fashionistas in the house, there were some interesting ensembles.

1. Oprah

Now, I love me some Oprah, but some people are a little upset over her super low cut shirt. The shirt itself is not scandalous, but it is a black tie affair with the President and the first lady. Maybe she should have covered up a bit. I mean  her girls are right under her chin.

The award was very well deserved, but I could have done without seeing so much of Oprah. Still love her though!

2. Claire Danes

This is by far my favorite look of the night. Claire wore a hott backless black dress while presenting.

I couldn’t get a great pic of the dress, but trust me she looked stunning.

3. Jennifer Hudson

J Hud looked great on the red carpet.

She also looked nice while performing. This is not my favorite dress on her but her and her new body are workin it…

4. Michelle O

Michelle looked very elegant. I’m not in love with her dress, but she looked pretty none the less. Personally, I loved her dress from last year! Here is a little flash back if y’all don’t remember

Here are a few other celebs who attended the awards ceremony

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt

The one and only Dianna Ross. She’s looked better, but I still love her AND her hair!


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