My Fashion New Years Resolutions

Among my many other new years resolutions like getting  abs like Ciara, working on my business and quitting my day job, I have a few fashion new years resolutions as well.

#1 Dress outside of the box

This might seem like a no brainier, but it’s much easier said than done. I definitely  have a few thing hanging in my closet that aren’t the norm. I love the pieces, but I’m reluctant to wear them often. I think it’s because they are so far outside of my “usual” look. I want to make bolder fashion statements in 2011.

#2 Shop smarter

I already started this one in 2010 by hitting up thrift stores and vintage stores, but I want to continue the trend in 2011. Just because times are hard, doesn’t mean you can’t shop. A few weeks ago I went to the thrift store and bought 2 skirts a jacket and a shirt for $12. I think that’s do-able for ANYONE.

#3 Find new places to shop

In addition to shopping smarter, I want to find new places to do it! I think that’s one of the best parts of shopping is the hunt for the cities best kept secrets. I don’t like to shop where everyone else shops because I end up looking like everyone else. I want to be an original not a copy **three snaps in a circle**

#4 Experiment with hair and makeup

I am one of those people who wear my hair the same 3 ways all of the time. Usually, it’s because I’m rolling out of bed in the morning, but I think hair and makeup can really add a lot to an outfit. I really want to try some new things with my hair and explore bolder make up looks. Although it may take me a few extra minutes in the morning I think the pay off will be worth it.

#5 Invest in quality pieces

I have a few timeless pieces, but as I get older I feel as if I need to add more substantial classic pieces to my wardrobe like black trouser pants, a Burberry trench, etc. These are things I would wear all of the time and forever!

I am on a fashion mission this year y’all. I will be take more pics to document my change:)

One Response to “My Fashion New Years Resolutions”
  1. Edwina says:

    #5 is very important. My motto is “buy the piece that is so timeless, you could be buried in it fifty years from now.” I got compliments this passed Christmas on a 25 year old Adrienne Vittadini sweater I wore. You just can’t go wrong with the classics.

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