People’s Choice awards show fashion

The People’s Choice Awards came on last night (who knew?!) and a few celebs hit the red carpet. I’m pretty sure this is the least watched awards show of the season, but there were a few ladies who looked nice and some that looked not so nice.

Ashley Benson had on my favorite dress of the night.

Raven Simone look cute in all black. I know a few fashion blogs are knocking her look, but I think she looks good. Work it girl!

Taylor Swift looked sweet in this pink girly number.

Tiffany Hines looked cute as well.

Amanda Michalka looked very strange in this questionable black and white number.

Minka Kelly clearly decided to wear her curtains as a dress.  Pretty girl, bad dress.

I actually like Ashley Tisdale’s dress, but she has on wayyy too much sunless tanner.


This dress is just way too busy on Kourtney.

Khole kind of looks like Joss Stone here and not in a good way.

Kim looks ok, but she can do better. I think its the matronly up-do and the shoes that kill the look. All of the Kardashians have looked better. I’m not feeling any of their dresses. Gorgeous  girls though!

This was an interesting night in awards show fashion. I’m sure it will get better as awards show season gets underway.

Pictures are from Getty Images.

2 Responses to “People’s Choice awards show fashion”
  1. I was with you until Minka Kelly. It’s just a wisp of a dress but it looks very pretty, it’s a great color and she looks good in it, imo. Raven Simone looks great. Better than ever. I hope she holds onto this stylist.

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