Stylish Celebrity Kids

I love kids, the cute little good ones, but I especially love stylish kids! I know a kid having style, especially under the age of 5 has a lot to do with their parents, but I love to see kids wearing an outfit I would totally wear myself. Here are some kids tht ooze style from head to toe:

1. Suri Cruise

Suri, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has taken the fashion world by storm. This 4 year old has fashion blogs dedicated to her style and can sell out a dress as soon as the paps snap her picture. I mean, talk about a fashion heavy weight. What other 4 year old do you know that rocks an $850 Ferragamo bag? (pictured above) Here are a few more pics of this fashionable tot.

I mean seriously could she be any cuter?

2. Willow Smith

Willow Smith, daughter of Jada and Will Smith is a fashion and music powerhouse in her own right. She has great style, you can really tell that it fits her personality and she’s not just playing dress up. She has a funky, unique style all her own.

Work it out then girl…

3. Kingston Rossdale

Kingston  is the son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.  He is seriously adorable and has some serious fashion sense for such a young boy. His style screams cool rocker…maybe he gets it from his mom.

I cant wait to have kids of my own so I can dress them cute! Maybe I should work on getting married first. Baby steps…


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