Rihanna’s Red Hair Evolution

Sorry for my sporadic posts as of late. I’ve just been really busy, but I’m going to do better y’all. So I know by now you’ve seen those pics of Rihanna with the crazy curly hair. Just in case you missed it….

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of feeling it. In a music video/photo shoot kind of way, not so much for an everyday look. Although she is rocking the look from her latest music video S&M, she still wore this hair style while she was out and about.  She has really turned her bad red hair into a major trend and source of publicity for herself. I must give props where props are due.  Here is Rihanna’s red hair evolution from the beginning…

It started with a red bowl cut on tour

The evolved to be a little longer

And a bit longer

Then to be shoulder length

Same hair, different outfit

Then she rocked that dreaded red kool-aid weave

Then a darker shade, straight with bangs

Next, she wore soft pretty curls to the AMA’s

Back to her latest do. That’s quite a little hair evolution. I wonder what she’s going to do next?!


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