Vera Wang’s line for David’s Bridal

I have to say, when I heard that Vera Wang was designing a line of dresses of David’s Bridal, I was shocked and appalled. Personally, I HATE Davids Bridal with a passion. The dresses are icky and look cheap to me. Before you girls who have purchased a wedding dress there get too upset, I do admit they do have a few cute things. Very few, but if you’re a bride on a budget and you have a great eye you can make it work. It’s just not my personal fav. I feel like you can get something so much better for the same price or cheaper somewhere else or have it made. That’s just my 2 cents.

Back to Vera, I thought her dresses were going to be in the typical David’s Bridal look, but boy was I wrong . These dresses are amazing and affordable. The prices range from $600 -$1400. If you see me at David’s Bridal in future getting one of these dresses, don’t judge me! The line is called While by Vera Wang.

This is my FAV!

I’m claiming this dress for myself. Whenever that special day comes, this will be a top contender.

2 Responses to “Vera Wang’s line for David’s Bridal”
  1. Beautiful. But no surprise. David’s Bridal didn’t tap Vera Wang, designer of some of the most elegant and sophisticated gowns of all time, to design the same ol’ same ol’. I like the one you’ve selected also. Gorgeous gown.

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