New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week kicked off yesterday. Designers were showing their fall 2011 ready to wear collections. I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed with Thursday’s showing. I’m not quite sure what other bloggers are saying yet. I haven’t read my usual sites on purpose. I like to formulate my own opinion before reading someone else’s. I know the clothes are supposed to be for fall, but the colors were so drab and there seemed to be a loose flowy trend going on with today’s designers, from shirts to dresses to long skirts. Not that there is anything wrong with that look, it’s pretty but does anyone else get the feeling that all of the designers have a secret meeting before every fashion week and decide what’s going to be hot for the season and then make the same types of clothes? That’s definitely the feeling I got. But here were some stand out looks:

Here are a few looks from the Jenni Kanye show:

I love the color of this dress! Hate the elf shoes though.

Here are some looks from the Tadashi Shoji show:

She looks like a forest mermaid. I know that’s not a real thing, but that’s what this dress reminds me of. Don’t judge me!

Here is a cute little dress from the Steven Alan show:

Here are 2 cute looks from the Rachel Comey show:

I really like the fullness/volume of this suit.

I like the shapes and the colors of this outfit. It reminds me of pumpkin pie.

I also like this comfy cute look by Lyn Devon.

Here are a few of my favs from the Luca Luca show:

I’m in love with this look from head to toe. I will be trying something similar very soon!

All and all Thursday was ok, but I hope the designers in the next few days bring it…

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