Shopping on a Budget

This weekend I visited my mom in Houston. Our favorite mother /daughter pass time is shopping but unfortunately  shopping non-stop for a few days can do some serious damage to your budget. You’ve got to throw some vintage/thrift/sale shopping in there somewhere to maximize your shopping budget. Here is a budget friendly outfit I put together.

Shirt: I stole from my mom’s closet and belted it

Jacket: Buffalo exchange $15

Pants: Banana Republic $17

Shoes: DSW $50

Earrings and broach: My grandmas

Ring: Metro Park $5

Sorry for the blurry photo, my mom was my photographer

Here is the full pic that got cut off above

I just had to show off my newest nails! I LOVE them!

This is my mom’s “serious face” lol

Here is a happier face!

5 Responses to “Shopping on a Budget”
  1. Your mom is GORGEOUS. Of course I would expect nothing less since she produced such a beautiful daughter! : ) I enjoy your posts though I have less time to read them. This one I wanted to see. Love love your nails!

  2. guiseeves says:

    wait a min!!!!! why is Paula so damn thin get girl!! NO seriously she has been getting it!!

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