Oh Heidi…

The Oscar’s were last night and I usually do my little red carpet fashion commentary, but unfortunately I got busy and wasn’t able to watch the red carpet festivities 😦 Today as I was looking at all of the fashion hits and misses, I couldn’t help but notice that Heidi Klum has had a string of fashion faux pas this 2011 awards show season. I mean what happened? She used to always look cute. It’s not like her body looks bad, so its literally just bad taste or a bad stylist. Hmmm…

2011 Grammy’s

Her dress is by Julien Macdonald. There is something a bit off about this look. I can’t put my finger on it.

2011 Golden Globes

Her dress is about Michael Kors

Elton John’s Oscar’s watch party

Her dress is by Julien Macdonald. I have no comment except she looks like a disco ball.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Heidi this awards show season, but I hope she gets it together soon. I like her and I just want to see her look good.

2 Responses to “Oh Heidi…”
  1. She’s always had questionable fashion sense in my opinion. The gold dress was worn by Paris Hilton years ago (I saw that on FAshion Police). That’s bad. Joan Rivers said it took that long to steam clean the dress. ; ) As for the printed number, too young, flouncy and ‘fresh’ for a mother of 4. The disco ball I don’t hate as much. At least it is an interesting dress.

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