Dallas Weekend Getaway: Lake Ray Hubbard

A few weeks ago my BF and were in desperate need of a getaway. I have been wanting to take a trip to Spain for years, but life (and the recession) got in the way. So I settled on a mini vacation.  Somewhere close to home, but that makes you feel like you’re somewhere else. If you live in Dallas you MUST take a trip out to Bella Harbor at Lake Ray Hubbard. It’s the cutest place! There is a nice new Hilton out there right on the water. There are also tons of restaurants and shops within walking distance. You also can rent boats, wake board, tube and go on a dinner cruise. The prices are pretty reasonable. It was a very relaxing weekend away.

The only place I wouldn’t go there is Hollywood Nails and Spa. It was a hot mess. Here is what happened: My BF was so sweet and he knew I had been stressed so he surprised me with a massage and a mani/pedi at Hollywood Nails and Spa. I checked out the shop as the lady took me to the back to begin my massage, it was nice. Then the problems started. Problem #1: The sheets on the massage table where cheap, tacky, mismatched stripped Wal-Mart sheets that looked horrible. But, I decided not to be so judgmental and I got ready for my massage. As I was waiting, I looked around the room and noticed Problem #2 there was all kinds of equipment stored in there. I guess they do skin treatments and this was their treatment room, but still it looked unprofessional. The cabinet was missing a door, the trash was overflowing and there was even a mini refrigerator on the floor! I mean really? How is this supposed to be a relaxing environment with all of this crap everywhere?! But again I decided to overlook it, which brings me to PROBLEM #3 the “masseuse” came in and started my hot stone massage with one hand while she was using the other hand to text on her phone! And to add insult to injury she didn’t even know what she was doing. She didn’t even massage my back, she just rubbed it in a circular motion. By this time I was too through. I politely asked her to stop. I would have stormed out, but I was in desperate need of a pedicure. They did a pretty good job on my feet, but I will never go back to that place again.

Besides that, the rest of the weekend was great. We drank wine, had a picnic by the lake and hung out. If you want more details on Bella Harbor visit the website.

Here are a few pics from the trip

The only rooms they had left with a lake view were ones with double beds…


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